Why choose Guns ‘N Ammo Academy Training

Why choose Guns ‘N Ammo Academy Training?


The short answer Guns ‘N Ammo Academy Training is a professional and dedicated training facility with qualified instructors that truly care about your firearms training.  Read on to discover more about the Guns ‘N Ammo Academy Training difference.

1.  First and foremost are our instructors.  Nowhere will you find a more qualified staff of experienced men and women who truly care about you and your training.  Our staff will go out of their way to make you feel at home and at ease with your training.  Please take some time to Meet our Instructors. Our lead instructor has been featured numerous times in The Orlando Sentinel.

2.  We have a dedicated training facility.  In order to provide you with the most complete training, we have constructed a classroom, parking area, and private range to accomodate your training.  This dedicated facility allows us the proper setting for conducting firearms training that you just can’t achieve with lesser locations.  Be sure to inquire what the facilities are like whenever you are considering training with any organization.

3.  Scheduled Classes.  We schedule our classes in advance to give you plenty of time to arrange your schedule and find a class that suits your busy life.  More importantly, we do NOT cancel classes except in the most extreme events such as where travel would prove too hazardous.  If you sign up for a Guns ‘N Ammo Academy Training class, you can count on training that day.  When considering your training, be sure to ask if the class is guaranteed for the scheduled day.  Part of our professionalism is keeping our schedule.

4.  Quality of Training.  We view each and every class as a true training opportunity.  We don’t “rubber stamp” certificates and send you out the door.  We will cover all the material mandated by the state and then go well beyond in the information provided.  You will leave Guns ‘N Ammo Academy Training with the most knowledge possible and confidence in your new found skills and abilities.

5.  We welcome everyone.  At Guns ‘N Ammo Academy Training, we do not have a “typical” student.  We love having beginners, women, men, and experienced shooters alike.  We believe everyone has the right to self-defense.  Our staff is experienced in providing the level of instruction each individual student needs.  Beginners will never feel left out while experienced shooters will never be bored.  In particular, women will feel very comfortable in our setting.  In fact, a female instructor WILL be on staff for each class we offer.

6.  Please don’t just take our word for it.  Take some time to read our Student Comments section to see what past students have to say about our training.  Also, feel free to Contact Us and request a referral list and talk to past students yourself.

7.  We truly want to help you with your self-defense.  You can contact us before or after a class with any questions and we will do everything we can to help you out.  Give Guns ‘N Ammo Academy Training a chance to prove ourselves and you will never question again where you should go for your firearms training.




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Phone: 407-900-8144

Email: info@GunsNAmmoUnlimited.com

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