Private Training

Private Training:

Cost: Varies

Guns ‘N Ammo Training Academy specializes in private classes for anything from a couple of friends wanting to have a fun day at the range, to corporations wanting to give their employees an experience out of the ordinary!

If your schedule prohibits the attending of one of our classes, we can make arrangements for private, “one on one” instruction.  Simply use the contact form and let us know your needs.

Would you like a private class, tailored after your specific needs and interest? Are you visiting Orlando or Central Florida, and would like a few hours shooting with a personal instructor? Or a whole day at a private range, enjoying field courses that take the shooter through real-life simulations of self-defense scenarios, using handguns/rifles/shotguns?

*Discounts are available to groups of 10 or more.

Please call 407-681-3330 or email for further information.